Art by TheresE B

Soulscapes – Landscapes of the Inner Self
TheresE Black

Unique, eclectic, original, fine

Soulscapes – Landscapes of the Inner Self



Do you want truly unique, original fine art? If yes, this is for you.

My art is as unique as the Faberge Egg. A single piece of art can take from two to seven months of full time work to create. Intricate drawings intertwine highly stylized art with more realistic imagery. The story and drawing can take as much as a month to design, draw, and ink. Then oil, colored pencil, or acrylic color is applied. A piece of art can be drawn and re-drawn as many as five times before completion. When working with colored pencil, the pencil is applied in a thick coat to create a smooth finish with brilliant colors. I also do the same style of art in oil or acrylic paints on wood and canvas.

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