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Landscapes of the Inner Soul
TheresE Black

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Let me tell you a story...

Desert Sunflower

Original - SOLD

Signed, numbered, limited edition prints are available. Contact me for more information.

11 inches wide x 14 inches high

Colored Pencil & Ink on 300 LB Cotton Watercolor Paper

The fine line work is ink and the colored parts are colored pencil. The border is metallic ink.

Is it a sun,

A sunflower,

A spider web,

A mandala,

Or a dream catcher?

The desert is lit by a magical beauty.

I live in the desert and see so much beauty and a whole lot of humorous behaviors in the wild life. One day, I saw a bug riding on the back of a lizard! Probably the safest place since lizards eat bugs. I have also seen roadrunners standing right over the lizard the roadrunner is looking for! You never know what you will see if you are quiet and watch long enough. 

Yes, there is a spider in this art.

Detail image is below.

Fine line work is ink. Color is wax-based colored pencil.

The original art is sold.

I can create an original very similar to this just for you. Send me an email if interested.