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Landscapes of the Inner Soul
TheresE Black

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Let me tell you a story...

The Eagle and the Condor

Original Fine Art. Unique and Eclectic Art.

40 inches wide x 60 inches high

Colored Pencil & Ink on 1100 LB Cotton Watercolor Paper

The fine line work is ink and the colored parts are colored pencil. The white is colored pencil. This took 6 months of full-time work to complete.

Six months in the making, The Eagle and the Condor was inspired by a South American prophecy which basically states the two follow opposite directions in life. One becomes more spiritual while the other becomes more military.

The blue North American bird joins the red/brown South American bird. They share a head that faces in two directions with beaks facing in opposite directions. North America faces in the direction of becoming the military of the world while the South American bird faces in the direction of wisdom and the spiritual and/or religious path. The eagle follow a path of war while the condor follow a path with heart.

We are not ruled by prophesy. This art reminds us that both have a spiritual heart space. Both birds carry the symbols of the people and animals native to the land. For example, the North American bird has a sea turtle, a wolf, and Native American symbols while the South American bird carries the jaguar, pyramids, and the pink river dolphin. Between the two birds is the all-seeing eye within an eye. 

The blue, leafy background is all free-hand acrylic. The birds are colored pencil and ink. The color comes from the pencil while the fine line work is done in ink. The ink lines are drawn and redrawn as many as 5 times before the art is completed. The pencil and ink are layered on rough cotton water color paper.

Detail images below.

The fine line work is ink. The color is all wax-based colored pencil.