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Landscapes of the Inner Soul
TheresE Black

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Meditating Buddhas

Original - SOLD

Signed, numbered, limited edition prints are available in various sizes. Contact me for more information.

28 inches wide x 28 inches high

Colored Pencil & Ink on Cotton Watercolor Paper

Meditating Buddhas is purely symbolic representing the spiritual path.. Every color, design element, location, and even how many times each design element is repeated holds a special meaning. Many of the numbers tie together.

ONE - There is only one mandala with one center design - the Three Rings of Eternity. These rings represent Unity, Eternity, Oneness, Infinity, the Trinity, eternal life, and freedom - the divine. The center is the purpose. The three rings are displayed in gold and white for value and purity. When one reaches this stage, one has all of the real wealth in the universe - direct experience of the divine.

Let me tell you a story...

TWO - Two pairs of Yin-Yang symbols and one pair of Doves of Peace represents two three times. Three takes one back to the trinity and back to one. Two represents duality, balance, and harmony. The two outer symbols show duality still exists in the outer levels. Duality disappears as one moves nearer to unity. Here the symbol for two becomes the two Doves of Peace - inner peace. Orange is energy and yellow is wisdom. To develop energy requires wisdom; to develop wisdom requires energy or effort.

THREE - There are three center rings to create a single center design. There are also 120 meditating Buddhas in this piece. In numerology, the numbers in 120 add to three - the trinity. The three rings of eternity leads back to one - the purpose, divinity.

The story continues through the number 12. I will email you the whole story with any purchase of this art.