Art by TheresE B

Landscapes of the Inner Soul
TheresE Black

Unique, eclectic, original, fine

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona where I learned oil painting while very young. My art creation and education continued until college where I earned a BS in Physics and published superconductor research. After many years performing technical work, I was inspired through meditation to return to art.

These highly stylized colored pencil and ink pieces are inspired by world peace, healing, Buddhism, meditation, shamanism, prophecy, nature, and myth. Some pieces are inspired by Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey involving adventure, revelation, victory, and a transformation in the hero or heroine.

My art ties many ideas together to tell stories and inspire recognition of one’s own healing abilities or hero’s journey.

I love using inspiration and my own experiences to create something unique. I hope my art will bring forth your own memories of beauty, joy, and happiness and all the times you have overcome and succeeded.

The Gallery in Williams

145 Historic Route 66

Williams, Arizona, USA


The Village Gallery of Local Artists

Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, USA

Highway 179 at the Cortez roundabout


Yesterday Fine Art

509 Main Street

Jerome, Arizona, USA



Metal Art

Custom metal art. Napkin rings, decorative boxes, jewelry, candlestick holders, and much more is on its way here.

Brass and copper items all handmade by TM Black - me.



Solid Copper Ornaments

Suitable for Christmas or just decorate.

Solid Brass Napkin Rings

Decorate your table with solid brass beauty. Brushed polished finish.