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Landscapes of the Inner Soul
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Tiny Dancers

Where did you find your "Tiny Dancer"? Send me an email.

I am now an artist in cellophane! The Tiny Dancer blocks are sold through Art-O-Mat in vending machines. Art-O-Mat refurbishes old cigarette vending machines and uses them to sell original art. These machines can be found throughout the United States and also in Australia and Austria. As a participating artist, I look forward to hearing from buyers of my dancers to find out where you found your dancer.

The "Tiny Dancer" series is a result of a very early work from the "Landscapes of the Inner Soul" art series. I created meditating buddhas and angels for that piece. The angels evolved into the current dancers.

There are larger dancer paintings. All of the Christmas ornaments with dancers are sold. I will have more available in October. Candlestick holders, napkin rings, and other decorative items in metal are being made for the "Tiny Dancer" series.

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