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1 World Peace Plan
Bringing peace ideas to the world one flower at a time.



Someone once told me that "you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". This gave me the idea that world peace ideas would be much more appealing on pretty flower photos.

1 World Peace Plan is about promoting world peace. This is not about creating a single world government. This is just 1 world peace plan or idea. The plan is to get more people to practice respect, kindness, and politeness towards ALL people and promote peaceful living. When people let all other people live in peace, we will have world peace. 

Find world peace ideas and information on my Facebook Fan Page 1 World Peace Plan. This link will open in another tab.

Thank you in advance for liking and sharing the world peace posts. If you see a flower photo you want, send me an email. Let me know which photo you want and I will make a large version available if possible.